Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I like being called Grandpa!

I love the status of Grandpa and being called Grandpa (Thatha in Telugu) as often as possible, it is like music to me. My six year old great-niece, Ch. Sudhiksha that is my brother, Dr. Lakshminarsu’s granddaughter, spends some time every day with us and addresses me as Raghu Thatha. As a baby she used to call me as Gaghu Thatha! She is in the habit of saying Raghu Thatha several times in a conversation and that makes me happy. She affixes my name to Thatha to differentiate me from my brother.
Now my sister, Hemalatha’s one year old grandson, my great-nephew, Ch. Vikyat has just begun speaking and calling me Raghu Thatha, and I am enjoying it.
You may click on the YouTube link below to see and hear him say Raghu Thatha! and me enjoying it. I am sure you too would enjoy watching and listening to Ch. Vikyat addressing us as Raghu Thatha, Sudhiksha, Bablu Lalai instead of Bablu Babai and Mama. 

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