Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Today is the 65th anniversary of our Independence. It is being celebrated as usual with great fervour and exuberance around our house and across the entire country.  The Television is full of Independence Day News, speeches and messages. It is a National Holiday and as I know everyone is enjoying it. Our day started with a very special breakfast as you can see in the attached photographs. And you may see the breakfast-verse! posted by my wife to her status on facebook – at the bottom of this article. Very special meals are also planned for us today and getting ready! I am sure the day will end as a very happy one for all of us, for all Indians!
Our country has achieved much since we got independence but there is much more to achieve in each and every field. Our country is afflicted with several evils which I wish will end soon, so that our country can prosper rapidly.
Wish you all a very Happy Independence Day, may our country develop by leaps and bounds this year. 
This Independence Day,
The breakfast made our day!
We had an interesting breakfast!
That left Sudhiksha happiest.
The usual; but artistic Idly!
Made so stunningly,
Idly never looked better!
So full of colour,
A little humour,
And grandeur! 

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