Saturday, July 21, 2012

We Love Trying Out Different Cuisines And Restaurants!

We like to eat a meal out every now and then. It’s a good feeling to eat out and try different kinds of foods in different styles of restaurants. Thanks to mushrooming Software, BPO and other IT related Companies in Hyderabad; a lot of new and good restaurants have and are coming up here.
The food at some restaurants is exceedingly good, they are our favourite restaurants, but we go there only on and off as there are so many more; other restaurants to try. We try new restaurants as we hear about them through ads, news reviews, friends or acquaintances. Dining experience starts through our eyes and other senses even before we begin to enjoy the food of the restaurant. Visiting new restaurants enhances this all round feeling and sometimes may disappoint us.
Today in Hyderabad we have restaurants serving cuisines belonging to every region in our country and abroad and regular food festivals. Added to this is the attractive facade and interiors of these restaurants, with varying styles, themes, lighting, comfortable seating, wide spacing, pleasant music, choicest cutlery, crockery, waiters in a variety of uniforms, the service and the overall decor varying from that of street-side dhabas, to that of grand palaces.
The pictures attached to this article are of a restaurant named ‘Sahib Sindh Sultan’ to which we have been two times in the recent past. As you can see in the pictures it is a restaurant to give a feel of dining in a royal train or on an equally grand platform. One advertisement of the restaurant says: “If you want to eat like a King or be treated like a Queen, then the right place for a unique dining experience is our restaurant”. It is partly true, the food, decor and service are good.
It is a restaurant serving cuisines of several North Indian States and a variety of Anglo-Indian dishes. The restaurant is named ‘Sahib Sindh Sultan’ after the three locomotives which pulled the first passenger train from Bori Bunder that is Victoria Terminus, now named Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai to Thane, on 16th April 1853. This restaurant claims to be a tribute to that bygone era. Everything from the interiors, the uniform of the waiters and the culinary experience reflects old traditions of Indian royalty and British Raj.
It is a restaurant I would like to recommend. You must visit at least once, you will certainly like it. 

Have you been to this restaurant?
With ‘Palace on Wheels’ ambience,
And great food and good service!
It has won our penchant!
It is Hyderabad’s “Sahib Sindh Sultan”.
-N. Lalitha Raghu.

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