Saturday, July 28, 2012

Protect Yourself From Hepatitis.

Today is World Hepatitis Day. It is being observed every year on 28th July since 2008, to bring about awareness among the people of the World. This program has become very essential as over 500 million people worldwide are living with the dangerous Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C affliction. It means 1 in 12 people are affected with this problem. If left untreated and unmanaged, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C can lead to advanced damage – Cirrhosis and other complications like Liver cancer and Liver failure.
These afflictions can be prevented. You may carefully go through the World Health Organization – Poster, I have provided at the top of this article, it explains in detail the dangers, symptoms and prevention.
Fortunately, having a number of doctors in our house is alerting us and helping us in taking precautions and easily undergoing timely and periodic immunisation.
Please go through the above “WHO – POSTER” and take good care of yourself and your family.

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