Friday, July 13, 2012

Memorable Pictures with Rhythmic Posts on Facebook! By Lalitha – Part III

An everlasting gift!
Forever to uplift,
Your spirit...
Hearty laughter!
And a bright flower!
From Sudhiksha dear!

Are they TV Stars!
From the C.I.D. TV Series?
Or actual C.I.D. Inspectors!
Hunting for criminal Ministers?

 Muscle and height, 
Strength and weight!
Is what boys’ desire,
And try to acquire,
So everyone may admire!
Here is my child,
Following that trend! 

     Love for lovely hair!
Is always there!
In youngsters,
Teens and elders.

Hair is an ornament!
With accessories to support!
Our Sudhiksha is here!
Showing off her adorned hair!

Old movies and songs,
Made in ‘Black & White’,
Have stood the test of time!
Even today they are everyone’s favourite,
The young and old sing and enjoy those songs,
Specially the three in the attached frame!
And Srinath too who is not in the frame.
You may know them well,
But do you know that they sing well!

Homework on types of houses!
Has won everyone’s accolades!
Igloo made with cotton for ice!
Tent, hut and boat house,
Made with cloth, wood and hay!
Sudhiksha you have done well!
May you always excel!

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