Friday, July 13, 2012

Memorable Pictures with Rhythmic Posts on Facebook! By Lalitha – Part II

Good times!
And hearty smiles!
Captured in a picture,
To cherish forever.

In offering your hair to God,
You are in the spiritual sense,
Surrendering your ego and pride,
At the feet of the Lord.

Hair so offered at Tirupati,
To most benevolent Lord Balaji!
Fetches yearly; 140 Crores of Rupees!
And is used for various welfare schemes!

Who is this baby!
In our car dickie?!
Is it a baby girl!
Or a baby angel!
Or is it a baby boy?!
Or just a lovely toy?

Passed Crawling!
Passed Walking!
Now Running!
I am Enjoying!

Later Dancing!
Lifelong Studying!
Learning Everything!
For a happy Living!

Summer Chillers,
And Thirst Quenchers,
With Sudhiksha Darling!

P.S.: You may click on the following links to see more such photo-posts:

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