Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AP Power Supply Is Causing: (Inconvenience+Agony+Losses)ⁿ

The power supply position in AP is going from bad to worse as power generation doesn’t match the ever growing demand. Since decades, every year starting from end-February till mid-rainy season (until the hydel power generation picks up) state-wide power cuts are imposed. The domestic consumers, industries and the most important agricultural sector suffer. But the few privileged people in power, who unfortunately are responsible for this perennial pathetic situation, get uninterrupted power supply.
This year it is much worse. The worst sufferers are the industrial sector and the agricultural sector. The industries are not having power for two days a week and a daily cut of four hours during the peak load period: 6:30 to 10:30 PM, which means there is no power for industries for three days a week. The agricultural sector is getting only 4 to 5 hours of power against the 9 hours promised by the ruling party. And for the domestic consumers, the poser cut is 10-12 hours in rural areas, 5-6 hours in urban areas and in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad it is 3 hours every day. The attitude of the subsequent Governments in not finding solutions to this aggravating problem is causing inconvenience, agony and losses. It is affecting every individual in the State.
The State (APGENCO) has Power Generation Capacity of 8925 MW, Thermal – 5092.5 MW, Hydel – 3829.5 and Wind+Solar – 3 MW. This is augmented by a small percentage from private power companies. With hydel power generation depending on rain fall / water level at the dams, it is normally available for only few months in a year and there is a perennial shortage between demand and supply. And the State is forced to buy huge power from the National Grid, from States having surplus power. While the Unrestricted Peak Demand is about 10,700 MW, the Government is able to meet a Peak Demand of only 8,700 MW living a Deficit of 2,000 MW and hence all these power cuts.
The Government is doing very little to overcome this recurring and growing problem. It takes shelter under reasons like poor rain fall and lack of support from Central Government. But for how long?

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