Thursday, April 12, 2012

The underlying craze for bicycle!

Boys grow to own Motorbikes,
And then Motorcars,
With a lot of gusto!
But what thrills them most,
I think is their first LOVE!
This is the case with Srikanth,
And in a different Continent; Srinath!

Bicycle is certainly one of the best ‘Childhood Gifts’. The memories of those days, of adventures and life with the bicycle will remain with me forever. As a child I went to School by School-Bus for few years, and then by Cycle Rickshaw and from 7th Class to 12th Class I went to school and tuitions by bicycle. Though I learnt to ride a bicycle at a much younger age I was permitted to go to School on bicycle from 7th Class onwards. As I am writing this article, I remember a number of my experiences with the bicycle, starting from the days when I learnt to awkwardly bicycle, I say awkwardly because I was not tall enough to easily mount or reach the pedals adequately!
Thereafter commuting by Scooters, Motorbikes and Cars took over, but occasionally whenever there is a chance to ride a bicycle even for a few feet, I love it. And this has become the case with my two grownup sons. Bicycles have paved the way for procuring faster vehicles, Motorbikes and Cars, but then the underlying craze for bicycles has made them procure some modern bicycles for recreation. Based on this interest in our family and in general with many others my wife has posted the above status on facebook with the picture of Srikanth’s recent bicycle. 

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