Sunday, April 8, 2012

Memorable pictures with rhythmic posts on facebook! by Lalitha, today.

Who stole the tail?
Of these monkey infants!
No! No! This is about a fairy tale!
Of Srinath and Srikant’s!
As depressing as the tale of Humpty Dumpty;
Is the story of our kitchen garden,
It has turned from Umpty to Empty.
The pumpkin you see is from our extinct garden:-(
The above status updates on facebook are by Lalitha, my wife, a few hours ago, today. The accompanying photographs from the past, immensely memorable to us are of our sons Srikanth and Srinath. I am reproducing the facebook clippings here as I wanted the followers and other readers of my blog to see them. 

P.S. Few more similar interesting facebook posts .....
 Sudhiksha and Simba look so good!
And like ‘Two peas in a pod’!

Another baby in our family,
With a Lion’s mane!
No doubt she is lovely!
Do you know her name?!

Mesmerizing performance by duo!
A drummer and dancer combo!
Amusing themselves!
And entertaining others!
One is a Rajasthani drummer,
And the dancer a doctor!

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