Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Indian Premier League Cricket / IPL 2012 / IPL Season 5.

The annual ‘Indian Premier League Cricket Tamasha’ will commence from tomorrow. It will go on until 27th May 2012. And during these 54 days of Twenty20 cricket, 76 matches will be played in various cities of the country. There are 9 teams participating in the tournament, all teams sponsored by some bigwigs. They seem to be representing some provinces in the country but have very few players from the province but more from all India and international participation. And in each season these players keep jumping from one team to another based on whoever pays them better or buys them for more money. This form of cricket is very little cricket and more of Tamasha, every throw has to be hit as in Baseball and Gilli Danda or as one chooses. In contrast to the dignified white dress the cricket players have worn for generations, in these matches the players wear colorful dresses which make them look like jokers. But they are no jokers, because they earn fortunes in these few weeks and make grounds for getting sold for a much bigger price in the next season. To add to this Tamasha are the cheer girls dancing to loud music and the crazy and noisy cricket fans who are never tired of cricket in whichever form and between whomsoever it is played and for whatever purpose!
In the last four seasons I have watched a few matches. Especially the second season, IPL 2009 played in South Africa was interesting to me as our so called local team Hyderabad Deccan Chargers have won the Championship. This season too, I am not very excited about watching all these cricket matches. I may occasionally see some matches briefly and if our local team Deccan Chargers are doing well I may take some interest in the game!  

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