Sunday, March 4, 2012

My sons are anxious to be together, after 18 months.

My eldest son, Srikanth, has left Hyderabad for London today evening.  My youngest son, Srinath, is already in UK since three and half years at Birmingham. Few hours from now; tomorrow morning, my sons would be meeting in London after a long gap. Srinath visited us eighteen months ago and we are not sure when he would be coming back or visiting us next. At a time like this my eldest son, Srikanth’s official trip of one month to London has come up. We are all happy that the brothers can meet and the children are very anxious to be together. Until Srinath went to UK, both the children have been together, going to the same school and completing their college education, staying with us. Since Srikanth’s trip to London was informed by his office; there has been excitement and a lot of communication with Srinath about Srikanth’s tour, and plans have been made to make his visit comfortable and memorable. We have also used this opportunity to send Srinath a number of homely foods. As Srinath is familiar with London and Birmingham, they have planned a lot of sightseeing during weekends. We wish them a wonderful time in UK and a safe and happy journey back home.
At the bottom of this article are photographs of the farewell party to Srikanth and of his departure from Hyderabad.

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