Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jo humse takrayega wo mitti me mil jayega!

The INC, Indian National Congress and the TDP, Telugu Desam Party, have lost the recently held elections in Telangana, miserably. Despite tall promises and trying every trick to win the elections, the INC which is in power and TDP the main opposition party could not win a single seat. The ruling Congress party which was very confident of winning all the seats drew an embarrassing  and disgraceful blank and the TDP which also boasted of victory in every constituency, lost everywhere, it lost deposits in three constituencies, finished second in two and got relegated to an insignificant third in two other places.   
This shameful fate, of these two major parties is because of decades of their misrule in Telangana, constant deceit and betrayal and for not keeping up their assurances for the formation of separate Telangana State, since last few general elections. People seem to have decided that Telangana State is not possible with these parties and have en masse rejected them. These parties deserve this fate for neglecting Telangana and torturing the people of Telangana.
The above posters are made of various newspaper headlines today, regarding the ignominious defeat of these main but mean political parties and the tumultuous victory of the people of Telangana aspiring for separate State. 

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