Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Congratulations! Mulkies! For glorious victories!

By-elections were held in six constituencies of Telangana on 18th March 2012. You may read my article on these elections by clicking on this link: Vote sensibly, vanquish the wily wolves. All political parties involved in the elections canvassed extensively and promised to strive for the formation of separate Telangana State and as is common the rich and powerful parties tried their best to buy votes by distributing money and liquor.
Today morning the counting of votes commenced and all the results were announced by 1:00 PM. The ruling party and the main opposition party which have misruled Telangana region for decades and betrayed and deceived the people of Telangana at every juncture by promising separate statehood, have lost miserably in all the six constituencies. This news made me very happy and I posted the following status on facebook along with a befitting sketch!  
“The eternal deceivers and their blind followers have once again lost miserably and are trying to dilute our victory with dumb and dumber excuses. It is time they stop this nonsense and bring an end to their treachery and greed for power. Stop living in a fool’s paradise, come out, join us and fulfill your promises without any more excuses and delays.”
And tomorrow I will try to post an exhaustive article on the results and reactions along with some interesting newspaper clippings!    

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