Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Smiling toothless children!

When a child’s baby tooth falls out it is big news in the family circle. The child is made to sow the tooth in the garden so that a new tooth would grow. The child’s funny face becomes an object of ridicule among friends but the child takes it in good spirits because of the assurances from elders that in its place a healthy tooth would grow.  My grandniece, Sudhiksha has just lost her first tooth and it is news in the family. Courtesy facebook, the news has spread fast and wide. You can see her toothless photograph at the top of this article. The other photographs are of toothless children in the family, belonging to two generations, they are of my sons, Srikanth and Srinath, nephew, Udaybhasker and niece, Sravanthi. Thanks to all of them for their toothless smiles which will amuse us forever!

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