Thursday, November 24, 2011

Popular snacks from Hyderabad’s Irani Cafés – Lukhmi and Samosa.

The Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, specially the main and old areas have Irani Cafés and Restaurants at every Crossroad and on every Street. The most popular item available and sold in thousands at every Irani Café is Irani Chai that is Irani Tea. It is available from well before sunrise to midnight. I wrote about the popularity of Irani Chai earlier, which you may read by clicking on the following link:
Along with Tea; a number of snacks are available at these Cafés. ‘Tea Biscuits’ like Osmania biscuits, Tie biscuits and Salt biscuits are available at all times. Starting from dawn to about 8:30AM Lukhmi is available. Lukhmi; as available at all Irani Cafés is a thick and huge triangular, flat Bhatura / Puri  sort of a soft snack made from Maida (Refined flour), with a very little stuffing of potato curry. Lukhmi’s irregular three sides measure from 7 to 9 inches! You can get an idea of Lukhmi’s large size by comparing it with the size of the tiny Samosa, in the above pictures.
After 8:30 AM, Irani Samosas also known as Tikki Samosas are available at all these Cafés. These Samosas are made by some private persons as a cottage enterprise at some central locations and supplied to Irani Cafés. The Samosa wrapping is with Atta (Wheat flour) and Maida (Refined flour). The stuffing is of Onion, cooked with Coriander leaves, Green Chillies, Chilly powder, Chaat masala, Cumin powder and Beaten rice (Poha). Samosas are available at these Cafés till evening; or until stocks last.
For Hyderabadis away from home and missing Irani Samosas, and those who cannot come down to Hyderabad to taste this favorite snack of Hyderabad; here is the ‘Video recipe’ from my favorite Chef, Sanjay Thumma:

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