Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Grandchild at the “National Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition”, 26/Nov/2011, Bengaluru.

Our six year old granddaughter, Sudhiksha represented her Abacus Class of Secunderabad at the National Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition held at Bangalore on 26th November 2011. She fared very well and was awarded the above Certificate and Memento. Her selection and performance has made us all very happy.
A lot of good is being said about Abacus learning these days. The abacus learning program is said to train young students to use both the left and right hemispheres of the brain effectively. One side of the brain is said to be concerned with logical operations and the other with abstract concepts and the training program is said to exercise both sides simultaneously and strengthen brain function in the following areas:
Ø  Fosters the child’s confidence in arithmetical calculation
Ø  Develops mental ability in all forms of calculation
Ø  Enhances self-satisfaction of achievement as one’s proficiency improves
Ø  Enhances left and right brain coordination and ability
Ø  Enhances hidden mental capabilities
Ø  Promotes intuitive thinking abilities
Ø  Enhances problem solving capabilities
Ø  Enhances creativity and thinking skills
Ø  Enhances retention and recall of both short and long term memory
Ø  Enhances psychomotor skills
Ø  Enhances sensory stimulation by increasing brain neuron inter-connectivity.
Ø  Improves concentration spans and mental endurance.
Ø  Energizes the body and mind.
Ø  Helps release mental blocks and emotional stress.
Great many advantages!
In contests held between users of Abacus and Electronic Calculators the Abacus users were much faster than the Calculator users in the case of additions and subtractions and a little slower in the case of multiplication and division. And when it came to mental calculations Abacus students were much faster than an Electronic Calculator! 


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