Thursday, November 3, 2011

False and biased media, shame on you, we don’t need you.

The electronic and print media in our State is almost entirely owned by anti-Telangana groups, they report against the ongoing struggle and the justified demand for a separate State. The truths, the misrule, the injustices, the broken agreements and promises are not reported. Their approach is always false and negative, supported by interviews and debates with buffoons.  For example yesterday’s news that you can read only in standard and honest Newspapers is not reported by any of these anti-Telangana media. You may click on the clippings below to read the news from an ideal Newspaper. As the agitation is getting prolonged, it is getting stronger but the dishonest media is trying its level best to falsify every aspect of the agitation. But how long can this media or the opportunistic politicians undermine and postpone the truthful, long-pending and promised demand.
Our country’s motto ‘Satyameva Jayate’ (‘Truth Alone Triumphs’) will ultimately prevail and the State of Telangana will be formed with its Ten Districts and Hyderabad as its Capital, in spite of all these villains and their wicked moves. 

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