Monday, November 7, 2011

Are people fed up with too much Cricket!? The Cricket crazy crowds are missing!

Are people fed up with too much Cricket!?  The Cricket crazy crowds are missing! It certainly seems so! Yesterday the Delhi Cricket fans stayed away from the first day of the First Test Match between West Indies and India at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium - despite it being a Sunday and tremendous hype created by the media over Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th International century, which has been evading him for months. Only 8,058 people turned up at the 40,000 capacity Stadium! People seem to be losing, ball by ball interest in the game, they just want to know the scores at the end of the day or the final result!
Since long; this situation was seen at most of the international venues but off late it has become common in India. For example, in the recently concluded World Cup Matches, especially those played on 15th, 18th and 20th March 2011, at Calcutta, at the world famous Eden Gardens Stadium having a capacity of 90,000! The turnout was very poor. For the Match played on 20th March, only 15 spectators bought tickets! At the 90,000 capacity Stadium!
Too much Cricket and too often encounters between same countries, frequently and sometimes month after month in the form of Test Matches, County Matches, Limited over Matches and 20Twetny Matches is rather confusing and cumbersome to follow, with some tournaments being played between 8 or 10 Teams, may be 60 Matches over two months to determine the Winner! Added to this, any given time of the day you will find at least three TV sports channels telecasting Cricket Matches from the past or current with unending Cricket analysis, quoting of Match records, Player records, Country records and  unnecessary ball by ball commentaries for TV viewers! Too much Cricket is certainly a waste of time; it is proving to be bad for spectators. More and more people seem to be realizing this fact and losing interest in the game. 

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