Tuesday, September 13, 2011

‘Hyderabad Polo Season 2011’ gets extraordinary media coverage with the patronage of movie stars.

Commencing with film star Ram Charan owning the Hyderabad Polo and Racing Club Team, the local media is covering the ongoing Hyderabad Polo Season in detail and in a sensational manner making the event very popular and talk of the town. The presence of Ram Charan, his fiancée and some of his actor friends at the Polo Grounds is attracting a lot of media coverage and as a result crowds of cine fans and Polo enthusiasts. This 10-day event is taking place at the Secunderabad Polo Grounds which is also known as Bison Polo Grounds. This venue is very close to my house and along a road I take very often so I get to watch the activities here regularly.
Today, Ram Charan’s Hyderabad Polo Racing Club (RC HPRC) has won the ‘Chief Minister’s Trophy’ by defeating the Navy Team. This is Breaking News on all local TV channels and tomorrow it will be Headline News in all local Newspapers. From tomorrow, 13th to 17th September there will be more Polo for the ‘Army Commander’s Trophy’, and Ram Charan’s Team and the local crowds would look forward to their victory.  This extraordinary media coverage is very good for the popularity of Polo in the Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
I have furnished the schedule of the Polo Season at the top of this article. Persons interested to watch the games and other events may ascertain that days schedule and witness this great sport.
The Game of Polo is said to be the ‘Sport of Kings’ and the ‘King of Sports’. And that is why there were 17 Polo Grounds in Hyderabad (the largest in India) in 1948 under the rule of the world’s richest man, the Nizam – Mir Osman Ali Khan. That is the reason why the Indian Government called its Military Operation against the Nizam, to liberate the State of Hyderabad as ‘Operation Polo’. ‘Operation Polo’ lasted for six days, from 13th to 18th September 1948 with a decisive victory for India, and Hyderabad State got annexed to the Republic of India.

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