Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gorgeously Colorful & Attractive! Ixora Coccinea Flowers!! Blossom at Our House!!!

Earth laughs through flowers. ~ Anonymous.
Flowers of the Ixora Coccinea plant are colorful and very attractive as you can see in the above pictures of our garden.  Each flower is a cluster of over hundred smaller flowers, each floret with four petals, and over a hundred of them! Each flower is a bouquet by itself! This flower is called ‘Nooru Varahala Puvvu’ in Telugu; meaning a flower having one hundred Gems!
The Ixora Coccinea flowers are also known as Jungle Geranium, Flame of the Woods, Jungle Flame and West Indian Jasmine and as Needle Flower. We have five Ixora plants in our house which bear Yellow, Orange, Pink and Red flowers almost throughout the year. After the flowers bloom they stay firm and fresh on the plants for over six weeks before they wilt. While the plants that you see in the photographs have grown to a height of 4 to 6 feet, we have another large Ixora plant that is 11 feet tall. This plant bears Orange color flowers and as of now it is full of buds which would start blossoming in a week’s time, adding further charm to our small garden.  
With lovely flowers almost all year long, the dense and multi-branched Ixora plant with dark green, glossy and leathery, long leaves would stand out as a grand ornamental plant in any garden. 

Each flower is a soul blossoming out to nature. ~ Anonymous.

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