Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Collection of “Reduplicated Idioms” In Telugu & English.

The repeating of parts of words to make new forms is called “Reduplication”. There are various categories of this – rhyming, exact and ablaut/vowel substitution. And of course we are all aware of plenty of such ‘Reduplication Idioms’ in English; like, Helter-skelter, Hocus-pocus, Pell-mell, Blah-blah, Goody-goody, Bye-bye, Dilly-dally, Chit-chat, Tip-top, etc. Similarly there are plenty of such Twin Words in ‘Telugu language of Telangana’. Today I came across a Telugu Magazine which presented an article on the local Telangana-Telugu dialect and several interesting Twin Words. I thought I should let Telugu speaking readers of my blog see and enjoy these interesting and very expressive rhyming Twin Words.
You may see the four Telugu posters below to remember/understand and appreciate the popular Telangana phrases and the last two posters will remind you of some commonly used English Twin words.  

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