Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yet another Cricket Tamasha in the offing! / IPL 2011 / IPL Season 4.

It is hardly a week since the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Tournament has come to an end, and it is now time for another Cricket extravaganza! - The IPL, Indian Premier League Twenty20 Overs Tamasha. 
The ICC Cricket World Cup Championship (50-50 Limited Over Matches) commenced on 19th February and after 49 Matches in 43 days it came to an end on 2nd April 2011. And from tomorrow, 8th April India is going to witness another 74 Matches in 51 days that is until 28th May 2011. Over three months of Cricket! Over 120 Matches! What more does India want!
Thanks to BCCI, ICC, IPL, Hero Honda, Vodafone, Samsung and scores of other sponsors who are conducting Cricket Matches in a row year after year between two countries or three countries or between any number of countries that they can rope in for some Cup or the other. Wish more countries would start playing cricket, especially Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar, so that we can enjoy Cricket round the clock and discuss Team and Player performances and mind boggling Cricket statistics with some help from Cricket analysts and commentators available in plenty with every TV channel.
Someone said “Test and County Cricket is like Scotch and Irish Whisky, One day (50-50 Over) Matches are like IMFL-Indian made foreign liquor and Twenty-20 Matches are like country liquor”. To him I would like to say; that many people I know love intoxication to such an extent that they will enjoy consuming any liquor unmindful of its quality. God save them and God save Cricket.
Now coming back to the IPL-IV Matches, there are 2 Groups playing, each consisting of 5 Teams. As I said earlier, they will be playing 74 Matches in total over 51 days, starting from tomorrow, to decide the Winner on 28th May. The 2 Groups and Teams are as follows:
Deccan Chargers
Delhi Daredevils
Kings XI Punjab
Mumbai Indians
Pune Warriors
Kolkata Knight Riders
Kochi Tuskers Kerala
Royal Challengers Bangalore
Rajasthan Royals
Chennai Super Kings
And the Schedule of the Matches is as follows:

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