Sunday, April 10, 2011

Congratulations! for controlling Food Rates at Parliament House Canteen.

Dear Members of Parliament,
Congratulations! on controlling food prices at your Canteen. They are surprisingly very low. It certainly is the cheapest restaurant in whole of India. Congratulations! once again on your achievement.
Could you please step out and strive to extend the same or near about prices to people who have elected you. Hope you know that the prices all over the country are rising and that the majority of Indians do not earn like you, a Tax free income of Rs. 80,001 per month. And for them nothing comes free or subsidized like house, electricity, water, cooking gas, telephone, daily conveyance, all India travel, top class medical care, international holidays and what not. Of course, as great leaders of people you deserve whatever you think you deserve and you can make rules and laws to earn them. I have no complaints against your perks and freebies but after seeing the Menu Card of your Canteen, I thought I should inform you that the prices outside Parliament are different and you should do something about food prices. It will make people happy.
And to do this you must first destroy all the vicious means, methods, schemes, scams and corruption which are a part of our politics and governance. I am making this request with some hope, but I know you would not care to listen to a commoner like me. That is why almost every well wisher and responsible citizen of the country is supporting Anna Hazare! Listen to him, bring in strongest measures to eradicate corruption and work sincerely for the welfare of the people. Otherwise, after next elections you will not be able to enter the country’s cheapest restaurant you have established in Parliament House. And most importantly you would lose your beloved Power which earns you whatever you want and protects you from everything? So Take Care!
P.S. Followers of my blog and visitors, please study the above poster to appreciate “Parliament House Canteen Food Rates”.


  1. are the prices seriously this low uncle??

  2. Seems unbelievable but it is true, the prices I have indicated are as of August 2010. I understand that Indian Railways - IRCTC is running a few Canteens at Parliament House and caters to about 3000 persons a day when the Parliament is in session, at such low rates.

  3. every poor people in india will like this system, but in which way they will get ,they have to travel to deli or it is provided at all cities or villages in india...


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