Friday, April 1, 2011

Tea or Coffee?

Tea or Coffee? At our house it is mostly Tea. It is three cups of Tea a day, and Coffee few times a week instead of Tea; as and when even one of us yearns for it. I recently posted an article on popularity of Tea in Hyderabad, mentioning about “Irani Chai”. You may read that article by clicking on the following link: TEA
While Tea is a favorite and regular drink; Coffee as an occasional drink takes the status of something very special. With variants of Coffee and Tea always available, any visitor to our house is asked “Would you like to have a cup of Tea or Coffee?” Then the specifics. This is the scenario at the houses of most of my friends and relatives. They love both the beverages and alternate between them. In some households it is Coffee in the morning and Tea in the evening.
However among the masses of Hyderabad it is always Tea. Knowingly or unknowingly their choice is beneficial. Tea is said to fight both cancer and heart diseases. It decreases serum cholesterol, triglyceride and free fatty acid levels. It is said to control high blood pressure, lower blood sugar, suppress aging, deter food poisoning, prevent and treat skin diseases, stop dental cavities and fight viruses. Green Tea is more beneficial. Coming to Coffee, there are no strong results suggesting that Coffee may enhance health as greatly as Tea does. Coffee helps in combating drowsiness, temporarily boosting athletic performance, easing congestion due to colds and flu, preventing asthma attacks and enhancing pain-relieving effects of aspirin. Coffee has a fat-like chemical called Cafestol, which increases the cholesterol level. But all these bad effects are there only when one is consuming the beverage in large quantities and very frequently, everyday.
So please continue to enjoy your cup of Tea or Coffee with no worries, and mostly Tea like Hyderabadis.
Now a nice joke for you from Abraham Lincoln:


May the Nation learn from this Comic Story…

T oday; a loser, A rejected leader, Who has lost miserably, Joins hands with another party, Which is also a loser, Headed...