Friday, March 25, 2011

Money won is twice as sweet as money earned!

Yesterday’s “Cricket World Cup 2011” Quarter-Final Match between World Champions Australia and India was a keenly fought, very interesting Match that was finally won by India. It was a very important Match, as losing it meant getting out of the competition. Australia is now out of the World Cup and India would progress into the Semi-Finals and meet Pakistan in its next Match on 30th March at Mohali.
As it was a Day-Night Match, everyone tried and reached home as early as possible in the evening to watch the Match on Television. This was obvious from the lean traffic on the roads of Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It is beyond doubt that many have watched and enjoyed the Match and rejoiced as India won.
Though everyone had faith in the excellent form of Indian Team, Australia’s record of World Cup victories was looming in the background as a threat. This led some people to speculate Australian victory and large scale betting. It is reported in Newspapers that there was large scale betting on ball by ball individual performances and final result of the Match amounting to several Crores of Rupees. This may have made the Match; much more interesting to the gamblers.
When any challenge between two equals in a game or sport that is close to tossing a coin; for guessing head or tails takes place, the spectators are bound to make the event more interesting among themselves by promising a prize, a treat or a cash reward to one who guesses the winner or performer correctly. We play such games at home. The above photograph is of Lalitha receiving a cash reward for supporting and predicting Indian Victory, from her friendly, loving, mock opponent. Her opponent in this challenge who had to give away the reward is shy of posing in this photograph so he has asked Sudhiksha to give away the reward on his behalf. This event has made the Indian Victory much more enjoyable to the family! Money won is twice as sweet as money earned! And the smiles that you see in the above photograph are just two, but there were many more around, beyond the reach of the Camera lens!
Good Luck India! in your next match, and Good Luck Lalitha!!

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