Friday, March 11, 2011

Hyderabad is among “The 41 PLACES to GO in 2011” – The New York Times.

The New York Times has included my city, Hyderabad, in its list of “The 41 Places to go in 2011”. This recommendation was published in New York Times on 7th January, but I came across it just now. The news has made me happy; it is great news from a great Newspaper. I like to read the New York Times – internet edition; for all important news. The New York Times is the largest metropolitan Newspaper in the United States of America. It is being continuously published in New York City since 1851. It has won 104 Pulitzer Prizes and it is regarded as the “National Newspaper of Record”. The New York Times is different from almost every Newspaper published from Hyderabad. While NYT stands for what a Newspaper should be, the Hyderabad Newspapers in comparison are trash, they are substandard, characterless, biased, politically motivated, sensation based, tools in the control of powerful crooks at the helm of affairs.
You may read the above NYT Newspaper clips for information on Hyderabad; which is listed at Sl. No. 19 of their recommendation. For information on the other 40 places that NYT has recommended; you may read the NYT Newspaper by clicking on the following link:
Visit HYDERABAD and enjoy the hospitality of TELANGANA.

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