Saturday, March 19, 2011

Holi Greetings!

To view the animation in the above “Holi Greeting Card” and listen to the appended Holi song, please click on the following link: You may then click on each of the photographs to zoom in.
Holi day; is a great day, full of fun and festivity. Remember to play colors carefully. I know that it is difficult to procure herbal and safe colors as in the long past, but try your best to procure and play with them. Majority of the synthetic colors available in the market have chemicals which may be harmful to eyes and skin so use them cautiously. Do not throw colors stealthily at ones face or use force while applying colors to the face. You may ask the friend to shut his eyes and then pour color water over his head! or apply color to his face! But in the excitement of playing colors do not cause any injury to a person or yourself by being careless. Have a bucket of fresh water close by, to wash eyes or mouth in case color gets in. Take care, wet floors and roads become slippery!  
Sorry for being a little pessimistic. I want you to enjoy the festival full blast, with SAFETY in mind always. Once again, WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY & SAFE HOLI.

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