Sunday, March 20, 2011

Holi Celebrations! - 2011.

The above photographs are of our “Holi festival” celebrations, this morning. This year, there was confusion on the exact date of the festival. Some calendars have indicated that the festival is on 19th and the rest as 20th March.
Holi is celebrated on Phalguni Pournami (Full Moon day of the Lunar month called Phalguni). This year the occurrence of   Full Moon was at midnight of 19th March giving rise to this confusion, on burning of Holika on the night before Holi and the celebration of the festival.
We were prepared to play colors yesterday, 19th March, and made arrangements for a festive lunch. Then we came to know that majority of our neighbors had decided to celebrate the festival tomorrow, on 20th, so we postponed playing of colors but went ahead with a festive Non-veg. lunch. And today we played colors and are once again having a good spread for lunch and dinner. So, this year Holi celebrations started for us on 19th March and are continuing for the second day today!  

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