Monday, January 31, 2011

Surgical fears.

In an emergency surgery; there is not much scope for surgical fears but in the case of an elective surgery the anxiety levels are certainly there, ranging from a small degree to a large extent. Years ago I have undergone an appendectomy and my wife a major emergency operation. In our cases we were rushed to the hospitals at Manipal and Secunderabad with complaints of pain and after investigations we were immediately shifted into operation theatres. There was no scope for any anxiety. Doctor’s instructions and hospital procedures had to be followed with no other thoughts in our minds or that of family members and we were relieved of our pain after the surgeries. In this context I have always referred to surgeons as next to Gods and the operations as the ‘kind acts of the surgeon’s knives’. I have written a detailed article on my appendectomy operation which you may find interesting; you may read it by clicking on this link:
Another surgery has now come up in the family. It is not an emergency. The treatment commenced some months ago to overcome the problem but as it has been recurring it was decided to conduct an operation. After getting admitted into the hospital and several tests and investigations the operation was slated for this morning. Hours before the operation, based on a result of some routine tests the surgery has been postponed by about a fortnight. Getting discharged from the hospital later this morning was a big relief but as the date for the operation is fixed once again our fears and anxiety would resurface. This is despite being in the care of a team of senior and well experienced doctors.  
P.S. I have not named the surgery or the person. It is a major but common surgery and the person involved is bold, it is those around who are worried. You, please do not worry…thank you for your prayers and wishing us the best.

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  1. Best of luck for the surgery, I will certainly pray.

    But Uncle, I did look forward to my surgery about 18 months ago. Of course since it was on my head I was given general anesthesia; but still I enjoyed it. Srikanth had come to see me but rather spent his time watching TV in the room!!


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