Thursday, January 13, 2011

God’s “Operation Dirty Chowkidhar” liberated the people of “Adhistan’istan”.

N.B. All characters and places appearing in this article are fictitious. Any resemblance to real places or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.
There is a country by the name Adhistan’istan of which many would not have heard. It is called a democratic country but a strange twist here is that it was mostly in the control of one dynasty, a sort of monarchy. The dynasty is called Adhistan so the country which runs according to the whims and fancies of Adhistan and its coterie is called Adhistan’istan. This country is known as a peace loving country as it maintains good relations with all its neighbors. But unfortunately it has several internal problems, like corruption, poor infrastructure, unemployment, under development, inflation, strife and demands for justice in some provinces.
Controlling law and order in Adhistan’istan is the responsibility of a department called the Chowkidhar Department. This country imported the word Chowkidhar from India. Chowkidhar means Watchman in many parts of India. This article is about a cruel and cunning Chowkidhar of Adhistan’istan. He rose from lower ranks of the Chowkidhar Department to higher positions by licking the boots of Adhistan and its coterie. He did everything possible, mostly evil to protect the misdeeds of those governing the corrupt Adhistan’istan. So when this Chowkidhar retired from service, the Adhistan felt that the services of such a loyal one should be used to benefit them. His lifelong loyalty earned him the post of being in charge of any Province that has people fighting for rights and justice (this post is equivalent to that of a State-Governor in India). He was extremely happy with his employment and the power and comforts he got from it. He moved from one Province to another earning a bad name among the people. As a Chowkidhar, he led most of his life amidst criminals so his wisdom and knowledge was restricted to think and act like criminals. He always felt that wielding his baton and gun would suppress any demand of the suffering people. He could do nothing to prevent the growing corruption and inflation. He was not bothered about the shortages and sufferings of the people. He was not bothered about the outright looting, cheating and fooling by one powerful section of people. He could do nothing to ensure and keep up the promises, agreements and assurances made to people. The civic amenities were at the worst and he did not bother about them. Any complaint and protest by the general public was silenced with his baton or gun. He became a dictator in whichever Province he was posted and curtailed the freedom of the people and the press. However he regularly sent reports to the Adhistan that everything in his province is under control, peaceful, bright and shining.
This went on for quite a long time. Then the common people and their immediate leaders united as never before and rebelled against the Chowkidhar and Adhistan in a big way. Without the support of local leaders and politicians the dictatorial rule of the Adhistan became unstable. General Elections were conducted and due to the overall misrule of the Adhistan and the ways of the cunning Chowkidhar, the Adhistan lost miserably. A new set of people came to power, hopefully good people. The Country’s Adhistan members, a few of them foreigners, sneaked out of the country. The Chowkidhar was put in prison for his misdeeds and murders. And the country’s name was changed to something relevant to the history, culture and dialect of the people.
All this happened suddenly because of one villain, the cruel; cunning and bootlicking Chowkidhar, all for the good of the people. And fortunately in this process the inefficient and corrupt, behind the scenes decades of dynastic rule came to an end.
Moral: God has many interesting ways to end the suffering of people. God through his “Operation Dirty Chowkidhar” liberated the people of “Adhistan’istan”.
Disclaimer: All characters and places appearing in this article are fictitious. Any resemblance to real places or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

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