Thursday, December 23, 2010

Long live! a Great Opposition Leader.

N. Chandrababu Naidu, Opposition Leader of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly is in the news forever, constantly taking up some public issue or other and fighting for one cause or another. He is perhaps the best Opposition Leader in the entire country. He is on a fasting spree now and today is the seventh day of his indefinite fast. He is demanding a better compensation to the farmers who have suffered heavy crop and property damage in the recent past due to heavy rains and flooding. As per the news bulletins his health is deteriorating by the hour. I wish that the already bankrupt State Government would somehow work out a formula to resolve the farmer’s issue and bring an end to the fast. Naidu’s life is very important to his party and the media which is busy covering his fights. Long live, a great Opposition Leader.
He lost in the last two General Elections in spite of all the support from his electoral alliances, Maha Kutamies, Film fraternity, Vision 2020 and assuring fanciest freebies worth Crores of Rupees. People say he is a great manipulator, a power monger and that he has dethroned his father-in-law, Late Sri N.T. Rama Rao Garu, to come to power. God alone knows the truth and God has done what I think suits Naidu best, to be a busy and noisy Opposition Leader. May God keep him away from Telangana and bless him for life as Opposition Leader of any other State other than Telangana State. Long live Chandrababu Naidu. 

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