Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Have you heard of Good Riddance Day!?

“Good Riddance Day – Shred, Dump and Pulverize Bad Memories from 2010.”
Yesterday, 28th December was the fourth annual “Good Riddance Day” but strangely I heard of it for the first time today! Good Riddance Day shreds bad events. On Good Riddance Day, members of the public are invited to jot down their least favorite moments and memories, then stuff the paper into a giant shredder set up at Times Square, New York City.
Good Riddance Day seems like a wonderful idea. Perhaps it should spread from New York City to all over the world. Letting go of bad memories, problems, regrets, habits, vices and negativity at the end of the year seems a much better idea than trying to make and keep impossible resolutions at the beginning of the New Year. After all many people hold onto negative thoughts, feelings and old hurts for too long and suffer a great deal. It is a very practical way of saying goodbye, once for all, with the support of many people around, to all the bad memories and experiences.  
This practice, on such a large scale seems to be an effective way to end the year and clear the decks for a peaceful and happy New Year ahead. 

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