Friday, December 10, 2010

Generations of characterless and shameless betrayers of Telangana.

Last year on this day as Telangana was celebrating the decision and announcement of the Central Government of India on formation of Telangana State, the betrayers staged dramas to sabotage the process of State formation and kill the celebrations. The decision of the Central Government on Telangana was based on the consent of all political parties and the ultimate realization of years of injustices done to Telangana, broken promises, and non-implementation of agreements, injustices in employment, irrigation projects and in every field of development. These political parties that have betrayed Telangana this day have won General elections in 2004 and 2009 by promising separate Statehood for Telangana, or by stating that they shall support the move, or that they would go by the decision of Madam Sonia Gandhi. But finally when Madam Sonia Gandhi and the Central Government announced their decision in favor of Telangana, these characterless and shameless rogues showed their true colors of betrayal like generations of their predecessors. The unity shown by these rogue chameleons was not there among the Telangana leaders, so as to oppose the saboteurs. They lacked will and courage to fight for justice that the Central Government has willed to implement. What justice can you expect from characterless politicians whose background is chamchagiri, goondagiri, land grabbing, corruption, lust for power and craze to become ministers and loot. May God never pardon the sins of all these rogues and see that they rot in hell. And may God soon bless us with a separate Telangana State without any further hurdles. And may God bless the new State to be governed by good leaders and prosper rapidly.
I am very sorry for my choice of harsh words in this article. But these crooks and their deceitful actions deserve to be called in whichever way one likes. 


May the Nation learn from this Comic Story…

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