Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chowmahalla Palace.

My previous article was on Falaknuma Palace and its conversion into a Luxury Hotel. Visiting the Falaknuma Palace would not be possible for everyone due to the high costs involved.  As an alternative one can visit another historical Palace at Hyderabad, a much older Palace, the Chowmahalla Palace near Charminar. The Palace was restored by the Royal Family and opened to public in January 2005. The Palace is open to visitors on all days except Fridays for a very nominal fee.
Chowmahalla Palace was the official residence of the Nizam. All ceremonial functions used to be held here. The official guests and the royal visitors were entertained here. Chowmahalla Palace means a place of four Palaces or Mahals. The above photographs indicate the grandeur of the place. While at Hyderabad one should certainly visit this Palace.

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