Monday, August 9, 2010

Thrill of dining in the middle of the night! @ Hyderabad!

Among many things for which Hyderabad is popular, it is certainly “Hyderabadi Biryani” that stands out at the top. A blend of Telangana and Mughalai cuisine, originating from the kitchens of the Nizam, the Nawabs and the connoisseurs of food in Hyderabad, this delicacy has become very popular and an integral part of the people and culture of Hyderabad and erstwhile State of Hyderabad. It is a recipe mastered by all local households and consumed very frequently.  And no celebration is complete without the spicy, delicious and aromatic Hyderabadi Biryani on the menu. The ancient and original recipe is with Mutton and Basmati rice in the proportion of about 2:1 in two variants called Kachchi Gosh Biryani and Pakki Gosh Biryani. However since several years Chicken Biryani also has become popular. Every nook and corner of the Twin Cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad have Restaurants and Take away joints serving Biryani but not all of them cook it in the authentic way.
Since a few years, a number of Call Centers and Business Process Outsourcing offices (BPOs) are being established in Hyderabad with a large workforce. These offices work for the Western World and hence operate according to their timings that is from an Indian afternoon to early morning hours and some offices round the clock. With many employees returning from work towards midnight, a few restaurants close to these offices or on the main thoroughfares of the City started “Midnight Biryani” Buffet Dinners. Normally Restaurants have to close down by 11:30 P.M., so with special permission these Midnight Biryani Buffets are run from 11:30 P.M. until about 2:30 A.M. With the success of few such restaurants many more restaurants all over the city have started Midnight Biryani Buffet. These midnight buffets have now become popular with late diners, those returning from movies and late night events, families, friends and people like me seeking the thrill of hassle free vacant roads and a midnight dinner with a good spread of food specially Hyderabad’s favorite Biryanies, Haleem and Paaya.  
The Midnight Buffet spread is as good as any lavish Dinner Buffet with Veg. and Non-Veg. Soups, Salads, Snacks, Rotis, Paya (a delicacy made with sheep or goat trotters), Haleem, Biryanies, Dry and Wet Curries with Mutton, Chicken, Fish or Prawns and with different Vegetables and a variety of Desserts. Even Continental and Chinese dishes are included.
Any one visiting Hyderabad must taste its popular Biryani, just check whether the restaurant serves the authentic Biryani or go to a Midnight Biryani Buffet which serves 2 to 3 variants of Biryanies!
Hyderabad has many more exquisite dishes like Bhagara Baingan and Mirchi Ka Salan to go with Biryani, Haleem, Paya, Qubani Ka Meeta, Double Ka Meeta and so on. When in Hyderabad if you get a chance you must taste as many as possible local dishes. In conclusion, I request you to watch this humorous song on Hyderabad’s Paya! Sorry that the video quality is not good but the Audio and the Song in typical Hyderabadi Urdu is too good: 

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