Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hyderabad Twinkles! During Ramzan.

The Holy month of Ramzan began on 12th August. It is an auspicious month for prayers, purification through fasting, spirituality, compassion, charity and all things good. It is a month during which Hyderabad transforms itself into a city of festivity.
In the past I wrote about the grand shopping and delicious Haleem that one can enjoy in Hyderabad during this Holy month.  You may click on the links below to read the two articles:
1. Magnificent shopping scenario! During Ramzan:
2. Haleem Chacha!!!:
The multitude Haleem outlets and the shopping scenario in the city is more or less the same this year too. The prices have gone up on all items as usual. However it is disappointing that at most places Haleem is of a poor quality. I find Haleem from ‘Shah Ghouse–Charminar’, ‘Sarvi–Banjara Hills, Rd. No.1’ and ‘Pista House-Charminar with innumerable outlets all over the city’   to be the best in Twin cities, on any day.  In the last ten days I had Haleem from these places on almost every day!
If you are in Hyderabad this Ramzan, do not miss Haleem and shopping at Charminar.

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