Friday, August 27, 2010

Beware of Cell Phone - Part I

In spite of rules and laws prohibiting the usage of a Cell Phone while driving, many Hyderabadis least honor it. Every few feet you will find a Car or a Motor bike driver merrily using it on the move. Especially on the Motor bike the drivers have a habit of talking by awkwardly cradling the Cell Phone between their shoulder and a bent head. These postures obviously impair their view apart from the distractions the phone conversations bring about which are proven to cause accidents.  It is this common observation that has prompted me to write on this potentially dangerous and illegal practice.
Every Cell Phone ‘User Manual’ warns against its usage while driving. And all over India the use of a Cell Phone while driving is an offence under section 184 of the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA-1988). The penalty for this offence is a fine of Rs. 1000/-. I am sure that all drivers using Cell Phones are aware of these rules, laws and fines but are unmindful of scientific research and the statistics of the road accidents that prove that usage of Cell phones while driving cause accidents. For long people know that drunken driving causes accidents and studies now state that Cell Phone driving is much more risky and dangerous. Such drivers are not only risking their safety but are potential danger to the society. My appeal to such over confident offending drivers is to respect the law and the scientific research and refrain from using the Cell Phone while driving. Otherwise they may be responsible for tragic incidents ranging from broken bones to deaths.

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  1. true..when it comes to driving etiquette hyd is worst. Also stickers on the cars say 'it's my dads road', 'whose next'...


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