Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yet another Uday’s surprise homecoming!

On 6th July evening I talked to my nephew Dr. Uday Bhaskar (my brother’s son) employed in Al Dammam, Saudi Arabia. We talked of his ensuing college holidays and his trip to USA from Saudi, during the vacation. Hina, his wife is already in USA and he would be leaving for Washington D.C. on 21st July to join her for attending a marriage there. He told us that he was leaving for a picnic in the desert on 7th July evening and would not be able to talk to us on Skype for two days. Then maintaining total secrecy he arrived at Hyderabad on 8th July and reached home to give us a very big surprise at 8:00 A.M. His college holidays had already started and his departure to USA on 21st July is from Hyderabad. It is exactly 14 years since he left home for higher education and thereafter for employment. In all these years he was away from home he has always surprised us by reaching home at unexpected times or by misleading us and giving us pleasant surprises. I earlier wrote an article on these pranks in my blog which you may see by following this link:
As usual, this time also it was my other nephew, my sister’s son, Sridhar, his partner in these pranks who had gone to the Airport early in the morning to pick him up and drop him at our house. The topmost photograph is of my nephews Dr. Uday Bhaskar (left) and Sridhar (right). The other photographs are of a send off party for Uday Bhaskar at Sanjeevaiah Park in July 1996 before his departure to Pune for studying B.D.S. After completing B.D.S. he moved to New Delhi to study M.D.S at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and then took up a teaching job at a Dental College in Lucknow and thereafter a Dental College in Al Dammam, Saudi Arabia. And in all these years, from different places in India or the distant Saudi Arabia his habit of surprising us was always successful…he is happy and we are much happier!

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