Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weddings & Dancing.

Since a decade or so dancing has become a part of Wedding celebrations in our family and our community at Hyderabad. By dancing I do not mean the classical ones by professionals but freestyle dancing by those present. After the Wedding; as the Bride is being brought to the groom’s house in a procession called ‘Baraat’ there is plenty of dancing by the Groom’s friends, family members and relatives to the accompaniment of Music by a Band. Firecrackers are also burst en route as a part of the celebration. Music from popular films suitable for dancing is played by the Band but it is mostly the popular, loud and exciting local music called ‘Theen Maar’. Highly spirited dancing takes place by children, youngsters and grownups all along the way. Similarly on the day of the Reception after dinner there is once again lot of dancing and merrymaking to loud music by a DJ, accompanied by flashing lights and smoke machines.  
Among North Indians; dancing is a part of the Bridegroom’s procession to the venue of marriage and it is a very ancient tradition for them. Whether just before or after marriage or at the Wedding Reception, dancing seems to have become an essential part of the celebrations everywhere. I do not dance and I really do not know why but I enjoy such occasions and love recording the events through camera, handy cam.

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