Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ujjaini Mahankali Jatara / Lashkar Bonalu / Ashada Jatara – 2010.

The annual Mahankali Jatara festivities organized by Sri Ujjaini Mahankali Temple, Secunderabad is on 1st and 2nd August, this year. I wrote on Mahankali Jatara earlier on 3rd July 2009 in this blog, explaining about the festivities, its popularity and the grand manner in which it is celebrated. I mentioned there that this festival is known by many names, as Ujjaini Mahankali Jatara, Lashkar Bonalu, Ashada Jatara and Bonala Panduga. You may see this old post for lots of information on the Jatara by clicking on the link below:
In the earlier post I have not put any photographs of the Deities of the Goddess, Temple, Bonalu, Potharaju, Rangam, etc. I just posted some pictures of “Jatara Welcome Banners” put up by friends of my son, Srinath. However in this post I have put up a number of photographs depicting the Temple, the rituals and the celebrations. The third and fourth photographs are posters in Telugu giving details of the Temple history and the schedule of Temple events from 18th July to 2nd August 2010 and the Jatara on 1st and 2nd August. You may click on these posters to enlarge the view and read easily, there is lot of interesting information (in Telugu).

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