Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our granddaughter Sudhiksha’s “Compering-speech” video.

Today morning our 4 years old granddaughter, Sudhiksha compered for a program at her school. We are happy that she has performed well. You may listen to her short speech by following the video link furnished below. Hope you too would like our granddaughter’s performance.

Comments on Sudhiksha’s performance through emails and on Dr. Sudheer’s facebook - wall: 
 Sudheer Chary my lil' princess compered, beyond compare ;D
Our granddaughter Sudhiksha's Compering speech at a School function on 16th July 2010.

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Ashwin Bhogte
very cute.... and the compering and speakin I guess she takes after u sir....!!!
Friday at 22:02 · 
Sushma Saggam
Good job Sudhiksha....
Friday at 23:12 · 
Apurva Arjarapu
she is absolutely adorable.good job sudhiksha!!
Yesterday at 03:36 · 
Dr.Tadakapalli Sowjanya
Junior sudheer...indeed
21 hours ago · 
Charlotte Sunaina
she is adorable...!!! :)
19 hours ago · 
Sudheer Chary
thank u :-)
12 hours ago · 
Priyanka Dayama
hey really nice!! she is so cute!!
12 hours ago · 
Prathima Mamilla
Hey....guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.....baap se badkar beti!!!!love her confidence & poise......definitely a star in the making.All the best to Sudheeksha!!
3 hours ago · 
Giridhara Krishna C
awesome. great job.
2 hours ago · 
Manju Lahiri

Amazed by her confidence at this age, Indeed she is ahead of you sirji.....................

... Good Luck sudhiksha...........
2 hours ago · 

from yerroju

    to N

Subject: Re: Sudhiksha's speech!

So proud of my dumbi  :) 
love ya all

from Kumar 

    to N ,
Hi Annayya,
Fantastic. Well done Sudheeksha. We wish you all the best.
Annayya, please convey our commendments  to all who involved in making Chi. Sudhiksha so talented.
She performed very well in the event and deserves cheer and applause from everyone.
I think we need to  encourage her for many more such performances and no doubt one fine day she may become a celebrity.
Thanks for sharing.

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