Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Classics Illustrated" introduced me to the world's greatest literature.

Yes, it is the “Classics Illustrated Comics” that entertained and introduced me to the world’s greatest literature in my childhood and teenage. I have placed the scanned images of the cover pages of most of these wonderful comics at the top and bottom of this article. The titles that you see on the comics speak for themselves about the popularity and greatness of the books they represent. These colorful comics with interesting narration were a craze among my friends. None of my friends had the entire collection but we managed to read almost all of them by exchanging and borrowing. TV was unknown in India then. Major entertainment for us was through a variety of indoor, outdoor games, several types of collection hobbies, story books and comics.
I preserved my collection of “Classics Illustrated” for several years but as they aged and became fragile I had to sadly discard them. But sometime later I became a happy and proud owner of the entire set of “Classics Illustrated” Comics in the digital format. I keep this version handy and enjoy seeing the comics once in a while. 

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