Monday, July 26, 2010

By-elections to 12 assembly seats in Telangana are tomorrow, 27th July 2010.

It is elections once again and too soon this time in 12 constituencies of Telangana. Tomorrow, 27th July starting from 7 A.M. up to 5 P.M and beyond there will be elections at Siddipet, Sirpur, Chennur, Mancherial, Yellareddy, Nizamabad urban, Dharmapuri, Koratla, Huzurabad, Sircilla, Vemulawada and Warangal West. Three major parties are in the fray, the Indian National Congress (INC), Telugu Desham Party (TDP) and Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). In Nizamabad urban constituency a BJP candidate is contesting with the support of TRS. The core issue in this election is separate Statehood for Telangana.
All the contesting candidates and their supporters are assuring and promising that it is only through their support that a Separate Telangana is possible. And they are piling accusation after accusation on the rival parties stating that they are deceivers and selfish politicians. Till recently some of these candidates have not talked of Telangana out of timidity or as puppets in the hands of Telangana exploiters. It is just to misguide the electorate that they have begun to talk of separate Telangana. Anyway the seriousness of these assurances from such politicians would fade after the elections as they are tame dogs of Anti-Telangana goons. Yet another group of candidates follow a shameless leader who is more cunning than a fox (Jitthulamari Nakka/Gunta Nakka) whose only aim is to become Chief Minister by hook or crook and project himself through a TV channel and a Newspaper as the greatest leader in the universe. In this process he is constantly playing with the aspirations of Telangana people and scheming to throw out Governments in AP and at the center by joining hands with one party or the other.
Majority people of Telangana have realized the true colors of such spineless, deceiving politicians. Their hatred towards such politicians is so intense that most leaders of these parties including their high command or politburo members did not have guts to face the angry electorate; they have not even canvassed from Hyderabad. They have no answers to the injustices done to Telangana and several promises they have made to just cheat and come to power. I wish all those making false promises to Telangana will bite the dust in these elections. Those who win the elections should fight for Separate Telangana more intensely.
And once the election results are announced on 30th July in whatever pattern they are; all the TV Channels, Newspapers and political analyzers should keep aside their biased and distorted views and ultimately emphasize and speak out that every vote polled in this election is for a SEPARATE TELANGANA ….. as every political party has ASSURED it. And let the world know the truth that the people of Telangana want a separate State. 

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