Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are they not ashamed of repeatedly being called "promoters of terrorism"?

On 26th July, Sunday, “WikiLeaks” released over ninety thousand documents giving information on terrorism, military excesses and human rights violations. “WikiLeaks” is a whistleblower website that publishes Government leaks from anonymous sources. The revelations have created a sensation and shocked millions of people all over the world.
“WikiLeaks” revealed the identity of one particular country which is the main source of terrorism in its own land and at various places in the world. Its misdeeds and plans were reported in length by “WikiLeaks”. This is old news to those who already know about this country. Though called a democracy this country has been mostly ruled by the military or those controlled by the military. Leaders come to power there by dubious means and then very soon they are dethroned, exiled, assassinated, or hanged and so on. There is total anarchy in this country. A Government exists there but it cannot do much for the safety and welfare of its people and prosperity of the country. As “WikiLeaks” has revealed some agency/agencies of this Government encourage terrorism by means of training and supply of arms. And every time such an exposure is made this Government goes into the strongest denial mode. Some countries believe these denials and help the Government of this poor country with huge aid to help fight terrorism!
The super powers of the world are trying but are not successful so far in containing the terrorists of this country. God knows the entire truth, may he safeguard the interests of millions of peace loving people of this country and the people of the world from the terrorists of this land.
In the meantime as the world repeatedly calls it a terrorist state, I wonder how it absorbs the insults, in spite of its denials. May God convert these beasts into civilized peace loving people. 

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