Sunday, June 27, 2010

Soccer players Love Jabulani!? Hate Vuvuzela?

Jabulani and Vuvuzela are two new names that have become popular all over the world this month with the commencement of 2010 FIFA World Cup. All soccer players love Jabulani and hate Vuvuzela and the spectators at various Soccer stadiums in South Africa seem to love the players they support, the Jabulani and the Vuvuzela too.
Jabulani is the name of the new football being used in the 2010 World Cup Matches. These footballs are manufactured by Adidas, the sports related equipment and gear manufacturer. Jabulani means ‘Rejoice’ or ‘Bring joy and happiness’ in Zulu a South African language. The ball is said to have few technical advantages due to which the players are comfortable and happy with it. However the ball used to play in the Final Match of this World Cup on 11th July 2010 will be called Jo’bulani after Johannesburg or Jo’burg the city’s nickname where the Final Match will be played. While Jabulani has eleven color combinations on it the Jo’bulani will have predominantly gold color. These footballs are made in China but have an Indian connection – the bladders are made using natural latex of Kerala.
Vuvuzela is a traditional horn or trumpet of Africa. The Vuvuzelas are said to be a part of South African football stadiums and celebrations for years. The Vuvuzelas make loud noise of high frequency and high decibel levels which may cause hearing impairment. The constant buzzing sound of thousands of Vuvuzelas in the ongoing World Cup has attracted a lot of criticism from players, team coaches, referees, broadcasters, telecasters and a section of the spectators. It is annoying, disturbing and unpleasant is the general opinion. This World Cup is not just the greatest and grandest but also the noisiest.

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