Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photographs of us; as children and our children as children – Part II

When you look into any family photograph there is a brief description to a long narration behind the image. Faded memories come into focus and you would see and listen to many things beyond the still image. Every family jealously keeps at home this treasure, a small or large collection of its photos which chronicle their history. This collection keeps us in connection with the past and the future. And behind this pursuit of family photography is the love for family members, love for photography (may be with the simplest of cameras) and the will to record all family events.
In my previous post I published few photographs from my childhood depicting my brother, sister and myself. And as I mentioned in that post, I am now publishing few photos from the childhood of my sons, nieces and nephews in this; my 200th blog-post. I have a very large collection of photographs of the children. I have already posted many of them along with my previous articles on our holidays, pilgrimages, festivals, celebrations and other events. There are many more I am saving for future posts on their birthdays, picnics, school events and other occasions. In this post I am publishing mostly their childhood photographs spread over few years, mostly photographs which I felt I may not use in my future articles.
In these pictures you can see my brother’s sons, Sudhir and Udhay Bhaskar and my sister’s children, Uma Rani, Sridhar and Usha Rani and my sons, Srikanth and Srinath. It is not possible here to describe each and every photograph, so as an introduction I shall mention only about the topmost photograph. In this panoramic photo you can see my nephews Sudhir and Udhay Bhaskar in the top row, my niece Uma Rani and nephew Sridhar in the middle row and my sons Srikanth and Srinath in the bottom row. My sister’s youngest daughter Usha Rani is not there in this photograph but you will find her in many others below. 
I hope all those who know us, would like this photo-post and every visitor would appreciate my effort in accomplishing 200 posts!

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  1. thanks babai for this herculean task of putting together a nostalgic n heartwarming collage of our childhood photographs


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