Monday, May 3, 2010

Photographs of us; as children and our children as children – Part I

To celebrate my blog’s 200th post I have been thinking of writing on some very significant or interesting subject. And when thoughts narrowed down to a particular idea it turned out to be a photo-post that I have to start today itself with my 199th post. Today I am posting some childhood photographs of my brother, sister and myself. And tomorrow in my Post No. 200 I shall post some photographs of our children.
You can see my brother Dr. Lakshminarsu and me in the above photographs. I am holding the book titled “The Story of Mankind”. The other person you see in the photographs is Konga Rajaiah who was appointed as a domestic help and to take care of my brother who was a toddler then. He remained with us for 32 years until my father’s death and even after that he was available for carrying out errands. Similarly another domestic help, Balamma was with us for over 50 years and prior to that her mother worked for my grandparents. Both of them, Rajaiah and Balamma were like members of the family. We always remember them.
The above photograph is of my sister, Smt. Hemalatha.
Our family with Dr. Rajendra Prasad, President of India.

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