Friday, May 28, 2010

Our facebook entries on today's tragedy at Mahabubabad.

  • Raghu Narayanaraopeta Spineless politicians of Telangana, it is you who are responsible for today's tragedy at Mahabubabad. From now on please be kind to the people who have elected you and shun your selfish agenda of prospering by pleasing and living at the feet of politicians who have caused immense harm to Telangana.
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    Lalitha Raghu Why was 144 section of IPC not imposed in Mahabubabad, perhaps it would have averted today's tragedy. Was it to facilitate this 'Massive tragic yatra’. I do not know, it is ultimately our Government which knows the best and is in total control!? Specially over Telangana. They have done their best for Telangana today as they have been doing for it since 1st November 1956!?
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    Raghu Narayanaraopeta
    Raghu Narayanaraopeta
    The authorities have imposed 144 Section after the Yatra has been abandoned! They wanted the massive Yatra to take place at any cost. Now that the Yatra is abandoned and deaths have take place they are reminded of their duty to maintain law and order in Telangana, so it is time for 144 Section once again whenever and wherever they like. This is the way to Govern Telangana people?
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Raghu Narayanaraopeta Feel throttled among biased leaders, double tongued traitors and their protectors – The Powerful Outlaws Licensed to do Injustice, Crime and Evil.

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