Monday, May 10, 2010

Our 31st Wedding Anniversary.

Yesterday, 9th May was our 31st Wedding Anniversary. This year it coincided with Sunday and Mother’s day celebrations. The day was the hottest so far at 43 degrees Celsius, this summer.
In the morning we went to Sri Ganesha Temple at Secunderabad Railway Station. Several years ago we got enrolled at the Temple to perform Shashvita Abhishekam every year on 9th May. This is to pray and thank God for keeping us and our family happy and to seek his blessings for a happy future. On our way back with Thirtha-Prasadams from the Temple we also bought sweets for the family and other relatives who have visited us today. Fortunately it was not very hot in the morning during our visit to the Temple.
By the time we came home my son, Srikanth had arranged breakfast for all of us from a nearby restaurant. Sometime after breakfast I and Srikanth went to Tirumala Music Center at Begumpet and bought an Espresso Coffee Maker of 7.5 bar pressure having a milk heater and frother. This was a surprise gift to my wife which I presented in the evening. And she gifted me a very fine quilt to be comfortable with the room air conditioning. In the morning when we were at TMC Store to buy the gift we witnessed Mother’s Day celebrations with loud announcements heard on all floors. Every lady who entered the Store with children was given some gift.
There were special phone calls and SMS messages we normally look forward to, to wish us on this occasion. My brother, my sister and their families and my wife’s brother and sister would always be early callers mostly before we leave to the Temple. 9th May also happens to be the marriage anniversary of Smt. and Sri. Narasimha Chary, parents of our daughter-in-law, Dr. Lavanya. We exchange greetings every year and for this anniversary they were at Hyderabad and have visited us. And then there were phone calls from my son - Srinath in UK, my nephew - Udhay Bhaskar in Saudi Arabia, our daughter-in-law, Hina in New Delhi and a few calls from caring friends and relatives with a good memory!
In the night we had dinner at a recently opened restaurant ‘Flame and Grill’, at Begumpet. The restaurant is open to sky, on the rooftop of a high rise building. In spite of the day being the hottest and a little heat from the grills at all tables, the night and the ambience of the place was pleasant. As Kabab lovers the starters in the form of five varieties of Non-Veg. and six varieties of Veg. Kababs was our main course followed by sparingly tasted main course buffet and dessert spread.
As someone aptly said “An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.”
May God Continue To Bless Us.


  1. Happy Wedding Anniversary belated wishes. Good gifts presented by eachother :) frm sridhar & swathi

  2. Sridhar and Swathi, thanks a lot.


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