Friday, May 14, 2010

Hyderabad records highest temperature in 20 years; 45° Celsius.

Hyderabad is in the grip of an intense heat wave. In April the temperature touched 42.4° Celsius which was the highest in 9 years. This prompted me to write an article on 14th April: “Scorching summer sets a record … of much suffering” ( Now in MAY; for the past few days the temperature is hovering above 43° Celsius. And two days back on 12th May it touched 45° Celsius the highest temperature at Hyderabad in 20 years. The heat wave is much more severe in several other places of Telangana like Kothagudem, Ramagundam and Nizamabad. It touched 50° Celsius at Kothagudem on 12th May. The inconvenience people are facing outdoors due to heat wave and indoors due to power shedding is enormous. Sun-strokes and also few deaths are being reported from these hot places.
In childhood and even while at college, I spent several summer vacations at Kothagudem one of the hottest places in South India and I always enjoyed my holidays. Not the summer part but the vacation part - full of games and entertainment and no studies to bother about. That is how I am accustomed to severe summer conditions; I think it causes me less irritation compared to others.
Rains are predicted for Hyderabad around 3rd June. Experience tells me that these predictions are normally not correct. In any case summer would certainly come to an end in 3 to 4 weeks. And after that until next summer Hyderabad will have very moderate seasons for nine months with lovely weather. 

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